About The Distinguished Professors

974704_10152533609852912_2143576963_n Professor Finnick, Department of Aggression Analysis

Professor Finnick is part of the department of Aggression Analysis – a fancy way of saying he’s a great test for new House Hounds to determine whether they are cat safe or not. Wily, stubborn, and a little more than a little dangerous, Finnick is totally unwilling to back down from a challenge, and he is the de facto ruler of the household. If new Hounds can pass his cat safety test, there is absolutely nothing they can’t learn.

He is a domestic long-haired cat, though anyone who has met him often remarks he reminds them of a Maine Coon with his habits and general appearance. He was born in August 2012, and despite mellowing in his older age, he’s still feisty and unpredictable. He commands the distinguished position of having been the first animal Miss Wic has ever owned on her own, and the first cat she ever owned.


Professor Ninia11006192_10152839164642912_1231848733_nne, Department of Tenderness Administration

Professor Niniane is part of the department of Tenderness Administration – a fancy way of saying that she determines how nurturing and gentle new House Hounds can be. She has never met a living (or inanimate) thing she has not wanted to snuggle with, and greyhounds are no exception. Considerably less world-wary than her peer Professor Finnick, Niniane is all sweetness – and for this reason, Miss Wic often has to keep a close eye on her to ensure she is safe. Professor Niniane is a little, shall we say, “behind the curve”.

She is a domestic short-haired cat, and most people are in agreement she’s just a run-of-the-mill beauty, with her striking coat colouration and soft eyes. The House is unsure when Niniane was born, but the current guess is November 2014. She is the resident snuggler and has the rather endearing, if not messy, habit of drooling while she cuddles.